Marketing Lead

Brandon is the Marketing Lead at Gradient Ventures.

Seasoned in launching and scaling companies, he focuses on the success of our portfolio - working with companies to find product-market fit, develop marketing strategies, and grow their business. Prior to joining the team, he worked on Google Cloud’s Growth Incubator - launching new products like Google Domains, the fastest growing domain registrar.

Brandon has been an entrepreneur from a young age. At 10, he started a video production company and later founded Proof Provider, a digital asset inventory company that helped safeguard millions of homeowners valuables. Most recently, he was the Co-founder and CEO of Tallyo, a software company that provided brands and retailers with authentic pre-purchase insights to better understand consumers and products. He brings years of experience advising companies, mentoring first time founders, and coaching young entrepreneurs. In his free-time, you can find him traveling and exploring the outdoors, usually with a camera in hand.

Brandon received a BA in Business Marketing from Miami University, Ohio.