About our approach

At Google, we’re familiar with the journey from technical innovation to product integration. Our history of tackling engineering challenges helps us identify and mitigate tech risk with our portfolio companies, helping them develop robust, effective products and systems that scale.

Founder First

Gradient Ventures focuses on finding the most talented founders building AI-powered companies. Many of us at the fund have been founders before, and we understand what it takes to start with an idea and build a transformative company.

Deep Technical Expertise

We provide our portfolio companies with access to domain experts in the fields of artificial intelligence, AR/VR, deep learning, and machine learning. These senior Google engineers are part of our Startup Rotation Program designed to supercharge your team and help you move fast.

Product Driven

We can help you find and incorporate data sets into your first models. From cleaning data to extracting the most important features, our team can help you get your production models to market.


Given the focus of our fund, we’re committed to helping develop the broader AI community. From meet-ups to exclusive events, companies can benefit from our strong network of entrepreneurs and engineers to grow and learn from each other.

Gradient Ventures is an ROI-based independent investment vehicle. For press inquiries, please contact press@google.com; for anything else, reach out to gradientinfo@google.com or sign up for our newsletter.