Our companies are shaping the future

Augmented reality, applied AI models, software for drones, and deep learning are just the beginning. Our companies are shaping the future using artificial intelligence.

Algorithmia is a community of developers, researchers, and organizations that contribute to a marketplace made up of algorithms, functions and models.
AllyO is intelligently automating the end-to-end recruiting workflow for both applicants and hiring teams through its AI recruiter called Ally.
BenchSci accelerates biomedical discoveries by using AI to decode published research.
Cape Aerial Telepresence™ provides the ability to effectively control a flying camera anywhere in the world in real-time.
Cogniac provides software to easily create and visually compose Convolutional Neural Network models.
PullRequest is building a code quality platform, combining artificial intelligence with a marketplace of human experts.
Scotty Labs is reinventing the driving experience.
Ubiquity6 is using recent advancements in computer vision to build ubiquitous shared AR experiences.
Announcing more companies soon